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EDUCATIONSUPPORT TheRSAReporter RSA publishes its monthly newsletter The RSA Reporter 11 times a year July and August are combined. The Reporter is the authority on all matters affecting the multifamily rental marketplace in New York City. It delivers news on proposed legislative initiatives legal rulingsCity agency activitiespropertytaxissuesandtaxincentivesforpropertyownersand managersalike. The Reporter enables the RSA to communicate with its members on issues that impact their businesses. The editorial portion of The Reporter maps out the direction and the focus of the Associations lobbying and advocacy endeavors. Members are always kept apprised of where the Board and the executive team stand on a matter what they believe can be done to inluence the outcome and when necessary what they request of the member base in order to bring extra pressure to bear. TheRSAReporteralwaysdeliversthefollowingmonthscalendarof eventsnotingimportantdatesforourindustryinthecomingweeks. TheReporterisfreetomembers. RSAAnnualCalendar Every year the RSA delivers an annual calendar to each member both regular and associate. What sets the RSA calendar apart is its design. Every important date for the year is highlighted and noted from Safety Notices that must be delivered to every tenant by January 16th to the December 31st filing deadline for Labor Cost Adjustments with DHCR and every other deadline and holiday in between. The annual calendar traditionally highlightinguniqueviewsofNewYorkCityandNewYorkersisasvisuallyappealingasitis incredibly useful even in todays digital age.