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EDUCATIONSUPPORT PublicRelations At RSA we understand that the challenges that our members face are unique. Because our mission is to protect the interests of property owners we feel it is important to win the hearts and minds of the public and our public relations effort endeavors to do just that. PerhapsmostimportantlyRSAspublicrelationseffortseducatevotersduringelectionseasons. We also humanize our members in our messaging when the forces aligned against us choose the opposite of that path. It is easy to deliver a compelling narrative because we believe that our members want to deliver value to their tenants and because we know that they take a great deal of pride in the appearance and condition of the properties that they own.Our public relations efforts are truly extensions of the businesses our members run. In the court of public opinion perception is reality. It is incumbent upon RSA to see to it that ourmemberstheirpropertiesandtheiremployeesarepresentedinthebestpossiblelight.Our entire association benefits when individual members take the lead role in making our city a better place to live for the millions of people that call New York City home.Our public relations effortswillalwaysmakesurethatNewYorkersknowallofthegreatthingsRSAmembersdoto make this city the absolute best place to live. OnceyouhavelivedinNewYorkandmadeityourhome noplaceelseisgoodenough John Steinbeck