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CounselingSupport Experienced RSA counselors are available to our members for individual assistance by e-mail by phone or in person on all matters related to rent regulation or New York City agency problems. Theircollectiveknowledgebaseovertimehasencounterednearlyeveryimaginableobstacleyour business might face. Byzantine compliance and procedural challenges have become matters of routine for our team of counselors. When matters do arise however that prove too complex for even our counselors the RSA legal team will step in to work with the member and his or her team to resolve the issues quickly.RSA counsel might reach out directly to an agency on the members behalf or to outside counsel or possibly refer the member to the RSA Legal Plan Administrator. The RSA counselor team and its legal team are the most reliable line of defense on compliance and regulatory matters for building owners and managers all over New York City. EDUCATION SUPPORT