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SERVICES SERVICES AnnualSafetyNoticeService New York City housing law requires that once each year a building owner must provide the buildings tenants with three safety notices relating to WindowGuards LeadPaint FireSafetyPlans TheRSAAnnualSafetyNoticeServicemailstherequiredwindowguardandleadpaintnoticesas well as fire safety plans to each of your tenants.RSA provides postage paid envelopes to facilitate their response and maintains proof of each mailing as well as a copy of the noticeas required by law. Tenants can reply by mail phone or online. After the notices are delivered and responses are submitted to RSA they are scanned coded and stored on RSAs secure website. OurSafetyNoticewebsiteisacompletedigitalbackoffice.Thesiteprovidesresponserateswork orders for window guard installation and lead paint inspection. It also directs on-site follow up for those tenants that remain unresponsive after multiple delivery attempts. Letters required by the New York City Board of Health listing those tenants who failed to respond can be generated on the siteprinted and subsequently mailed by the subscribing member. The RSA Safety Notice Service provides everything you need to comply with requirements of law and to protect you in the event of an unfortunate occurrence in your building.