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SocialMedia YouTube youtube.comthersanyc RSAs YouTube channel has proven to be a testament to the consistency of RSAs message of fair markets and a level playing field for New York tenants and owners alike. It is also serves as a warehouse for the associations multimediamaterial.OurradioadsourTVspotsuniqueownertestimonials can all be found at thersanyc channel on youtube. We encourage you to like and subscribe. Twitter twitter.comTheRSAnyc TheRSAnyc is the official Twitter handle of the RSA. Our tweets point your attention to news stories official announcements and the twitter posts of others that contain information that directly impacts your business. Twitter bills itself as the window to your world and through this window we deliver the real-time updates about what matters to our members the most. We encourage you to follow TheRSAnyc for RSAs candid perspective on the news and newsmakers that should matter to you. Please like and retweet our messages to your Twitter followers so that together we can deliver the message of fair markets and fair legislation to a broader audience. Facebook facebook.comrsanyc RSA maintains a Facebook page that shares information news stories Op- Eds and a wide variety of topics that affect our members. We encourage the civil discourse that a site like Facebook provides the forum for. We do not stile dissenting opinionquite the contrarywe hope that our Facebook page will create and promote a greater understanding of the challenges that our members face as building owners as well as the genuine concerns of the rental community in general. Clear communication is a necessity in order to be understood.