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FuelSavingsProgram The RSA Fuel Savings program has just one purpose Deliver the lowest cost fuel to RSA members. Weve leveraged the buying power of the RSA member base to negotiate the lowest possible pricing with some of the largest fuel oil suppliers in the city.Each year our members purchase millions of gallons of fuel oil at prices that are at a steep discount to retail prices. Our fuel oil buying group is the largest of its kind in New York City so our members are a top priority with the fuel oil companies that are allowed to participate in theprogram. In order for a vendorsupplier to be admitted to the RSA Fuel Savings Plan they must provide will call daily pricing they must offer the option for service contracts and they must also offer the option of scheduleddeliveries. Application to the plan is simple and enrollment is FREE. Once a member is enrolled in the plan an approved supplier is assigned and deliveries can be scheduled at once. UTILITIES TECHNOLOGY EnergyandWaterAudits RSAmembersarealwayslookingforwayscutcostsandruntheirproperties moreefficiently.Inefficiencyisaneverpresentthreattobusinessowners everywheresowehavepioneeredanocostnoobligationmoneysaving utilities auditing solution that allows owners throughout the city to determineiftheirbuildingsareoperatingatpeakefficiencyandalsoif they are being billed properly for their water and energy usage. Participating energy and water auditors will visit your buildings perform a detailed analysis of the property and provide money saving suggestions. Some suggestions can be performed by a Superintendent or even the owners themselves while other suggestions could be significantly more extensive. Both the report and recommendations are free to RSA members. Call to set up your FREE audit today.