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LegalPlan The RSA Legal Plan is designed to minimize the time and money members spend on legal proceedings. It covers administrative and Housing Court matters and in some instances Civil and Supreme Court as well. Legal Plan members receive a FREE 30 minute initial consultation for each covered matter that they raise. After the initial consultation plan members are billed at a sharply discounted fixed hourly rate for any subsequent legal advice they require. Subscribing members are also charged reduced fees for the preparation serving and filing of Housing Court petitions. The plan provides members with professional ethical and personalized advice designed to reduce litigation exposure and to resolve basic landlordtenant issues expeditiously. Enrollment is simple. Participants are assigned counsel by the Plan Administrator and may engage with their legal counsel on as many matters as their needs require remember the first 30 minutes for each individual matter is a no cost consultation. If for any reason Plan members are not satisfied with the RSA Legal Plan they may cancel at any time with 30 days notice and receive a pro-rata refund of their Legal Plan membership fee. Insurance The RSA Insurance Agency is a fully licensed insurance brokerage dedicated exclusively to the needs of RSA members. The agency was conceived to help our members do away with the inefficient and bloated policies that most agents create because they are simply not familiar with the unique demands and the necessary requirements that a multifamily policy must contain. The RSA Insurance Agency reviews member property and general liability policiesforwaystoreducepremiumswhilemaintainingappropriatecoverage.Theyfocuson minimizing exposure and delivering competitive rates. Anocostnoobligationanalysisisprovidedtoallmembers. All carriers are A.M. Best rated A or better.