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RSAMortgageBrokerage RSA Mortgage Brokers a collaboration of RSA and the New York City HousingPartnershipisthemortgagelendingsolutiondesignedtomeet theuniquemortgagefinancingneedsofourmembersthatownsmallto midsized multi-family and mixed use properties. Over the years many RSA members have shared countless tales of difficulty they have experienced whenworkingwithmortgagelenders. Bringingourtwoorganizationstogethertobothsimplifyand expedite the mortgage lending process for our combined membership was a logical progression. Our mortgage professionals help RSA members to navigate the lending labyrinth while overcoming any pitfalls usually associated with running afoul of New York Citys extensive housing bureaucracy. Problems and challenges that most lenders cant overcome are routine speed bumps for the RSA Mortgageteam. Weknowtheneighborhoodswhereyouownpropertyweunderstandtheeconomics of buildings like yours and we present your application to lenders who share that understanding. We arrange loans for purchase and refinance alike for multi-family and mixed use for senior housingcooperatives and affordable housing programs. Wesimplifytheloanprocess.Callustoday LeaseRenewalService The RSA Lease Renewal Service is the easiest way to manage the renewal process for tenant leases. This vital service helps to remove a great deal of the risk associated with the strict timelines that must be adhered to when managing rent stabilized renewals at your properties. RSA maintains a thorough database of our subscribing members leases. Four months prior to expiration RSA will individually mail three copies of all proposed renewal leases to the member. Upon receipt the member is then required to forward those three copies of the proposed renewal leasestothetenantsinquestionforexecution.Thebuildingownermustprovidetherenewallease to the tenant at least 90but no more than 150days prior to lease expiration. Uponexecutionthetenantreturnsallthreecopiestothebuildingownersothattheagreementcan then be fully executed. The owner retains a copy for their records provides a fully executed copy to the tenant and one to the RSA Lease Renewal Service as well. The Lease Renewal Service is convenient automatic and reliable. SERVICES