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UTILITIESTECHNOLOGY GasElectricSavingsProgram The RSA Energy Service Company ESCO program allows enrolled members to negotiate the lowest possible electric and gas prices with as many as 8 different ESCOs. At RSA we have created a platform that allows a variety of ESCO providers to bid on the opportunity to deliver gas electric or both to RSA members. Due to the sheer size of the opportunity that RSA members collectively represent participating ESCOs consistently deliver some of the lowest prices per kilowatt hour and prices per thermavailableanywhere. Enrollment could not be easier simply contact the RSA and supply us with your last two 2 monthsworth of gas andor electric bills.RSA will submit the request for bid on your behalf. Once responses are received well contact you with the lowest prices offered.Bothfixedandvariableoptionsareavailable. Billing can remain consistent with how you currently pay for building utilities the onlychangewilllikelybethesupplierandthenewpricing. Submit your ESCO inquiry today and you could be saving money on gas and electric tomorrow.