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RSA members have access to products and services that are an unmatched in the real estate industry. RSA has the cost-and time-saving tools to help its membership deal with the burdens of complying with numerous City and State filings.


    ⇒ Pay Your Membership Bills

    Pay your RSA membership bills online!

    ⇒ RSA Reporter

    RSA members receive our monthly publication, the Reporter, and special bulletins keeping them up-to-date on the latest legal, legislative and regulatory news. System is available for paid members only!

    ⇒ Rent Registration

    RSA's Rent Registration Service offers you two easy ways to meet the annual rent registration required by law: RSA’s Online Rent registration Service allows owners and managers to provide all the information needed to complete the registration process without ever touching a piece of paper. If you prefer not to submit information via computer, you can simply complete RSA’s Worksheets and submit by mail. Once you submit rent registration information electronically or by mail, RSA sends out tenant notices with a proof of mailing and submits all required forms electronically to DHCR. RSA can also produce DHCR certified rent rolls and rent registration receipts if required. Telephone and online assistance is available if needed.


    The RSA Contractor Referral Network is a free service for RSA paid members. Use it to find professionals for your significant repair, maintenance or improvement needs at any of your buildings.

    ⇒ Annual Safety Notice Service

    Each year, building owners must provide their tenants with three required notices: Window Guard, Lead Paint and Fire Safety Plans. RSA has combined these notices into one mailing to make it easier for you to comply with these annual legal requirements.

    ⇒ Constitutional Challenge Fund Contribution

    ⇒ Seminar Enrollment System

    ⇒ Purchase Forms

    RSA's Publication Ordering System allows online purchasing of forms and documents available from RSA. Click the link above and login for member pricing page.

    ⇒ Free Lease Renewal Generator

    Create a fully populated lease using the Rent Guidelines that apply for the lease expiration period. This is a free service for paid members.

    ⇒ Digital Form System for Leases

    Digital Form System is a subscription service provided to RSA members to digitally generate Rent Stabilized Renewal and vacancy leases and Non-Regulated leases. For rent stabilized leases, DFS accommodates rent guidelines in NYC, Nassau, Westchester and Rockland. As a subscriber to DFS all lease riders are available free of charge.

    ⇒ Lease Management Service

    Generate your leases on-line.

    ⇒ RSA Mortgage Brokerage

    For owners of small to large multifamily and mixed use buildings, RSA Mortgage Brokerage is the first place to go for commercial mortgage financing and more.

    ⇒ RSA Insurance Agency

    A fully licensed in-house insurance brokerage agency fully dedicated to the needs of RSA members. Our goal is to provide members with the most adequate and reliable property & liability insurance coverage at the most competitive rates.

    ⇒ Legal Services Plan

    The RSA Legal Plan is designed to minimize the time and money you spend on legal proceedings. The Plan covers administrative and Housing Court matters. In addition, in some circumstances, Supreme Court and Civil Court matters may also be covered.

    ⇒ Fuel Savings Programs

    RSA Fuel Savings Program delivers the lowest cost duel to RSA members.

    ⇒ Gas & Electric Savings Programs

    The RSA Energy Service Company (ESCO) program allows enrolled members to negotiate the lowest possible electric and gas prices with as many as 8 different ESCOs

    ⇒ The Gas & Electric Marketplace (ESCO)

 Pay your RSA membership bills online

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