Due to report vacancies as of June 30.

Online at 9:30AM. Register to attend by CLICKING HERE.

Dec. 31 deadline to comply with lighting system upgrades and electrical submetering in tenant spaces. Compliance and Attestation due May 1, 2025.

Owner or other competent person must visually inspect parapet and retain inspection report for 6 years.

Must be delivered to every tenant during fire safety week (the first week in October) or together with other safety notices in January.

To be distributed to residential occupants and building staff.

Owners must have their boiler inspected by a licensed plumber and reports must be filed by December 31.

Deadline to file Energy Efficiency Report for covered buildings with tax lot number ending in 0. Filing fee $375.00.

Last day to file bedbug report for the previous year (December to November). Failure to file timely may result in the issuance of a violation.

Elevator inspection between January 1 and December 31 of each year. ELV3 form must be submitted online through “DOB NOW” within 60 days from the date of inspection with satisfactory inspection results for each listed device. In addition, the report for the annual inspection must be filed one year from the last file date. Visit www. nyc.gov/dobnow.

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