Close the Door Notice Available at RSA!

Pursuant to Local Law, building owners are now required to post a Close the Door Notice on the public hallway corridor side of each stairwell door in a building, except for open stairwells.

The latest notice contains illustrations and language that states, “In a Fire, Close All Doors Behind You! Keep Fire and Smoke Out of Building Hallways and Stairs. Keep Apartment and Stairwell Doors Closed at All Other Times. Protect Your Neighbors and Your Home!” The notice must be posted in English and any other appropriate languages that building owners feel are appropriate for their tenants. 

If you have not already posted this notice in your building(s), RSA now has this notice available, in compliance with City Fire Department (FDNY) requirements, in the form of a sticker. Call RSA today at (212) 214-9200 for competitive, bulk prices on these stickers! CLICK HERE TO ORDER ONLINE! 

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