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  • Affordable Housing Blog

    The Affordable Housing Blog is intended to explore the varying definitions of “affordable housing”; the various ways in which “affordable housing” is provided by government and the private sector; and to examine the relative costs and benefits of alternative means of providing affordable housing.

  • Property Rights Blog

    The RSA Property Rights Blog provides a forum and compendium for matters related to rent control specifically and property rights in general. This blog tracks legal and legislative challenges to rent control regimes worldwide and reports on other property takings issues. Initially created to track the progress of Harmon v. Kimmel, a test of the constitutionality of New York City’s rent stabilization law which the Supreme Court refused to hear, the RSA Property Rights Blog now casts a broader net on property rights issues which may be relevant to or impact on New York’s rent laws.

  • Rent Guidelines Board Blog

    This blog has been created by the Rent Stabilization Association to serve as a resource for property owners to get involved in the annual rent guideline process. Each year the NYC Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) establishes rent guidelines for one- and two-year lease renewals. It is extremely important for property owners to get involved in the RGB process, through public and written testimony as well through a presence at RGB votes, in order to achieve more realistic and reasonable rent guidelines.

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