Make Your Voice Heard

We work directly with members of state and local government as well as city agency heads to craft smart legislation that protects owners as well as tenants.

New York City property owners and managers work hard every day to deliver quality housing to their tenants at affordable prices. They regularly face a myriad of challenges from City and State lawmakersand agencies. At RSA, we know that in order to run a successful portfolio, building owners need a fierce ally in their corner, protecting their businesses from bureaucratic overreach and compliance hurdles.

Our direct engagement with those in the halls of power deliver outcomes that advantage our members and their businesses.

Have a Seat at the Table

RSA works for you by advocating for federal, state, and local policy initiatives that help NYC building owners. We also work with you, by providing a a platform for you to voice your opinions. We encourage our existing and prospective members to join us in our current and future battles.
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