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RSA Lease Management Service Available Online for Property Owners

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For many years, RSA members and other rent regulated property owners have turned to RSA for all their leasing needs.

This summer, RSA is proud to launch our new and improved online Lease Management Service (LMS) that is easily accessible through RSA’s website. Through the LMS, owners and managers can now update their records and print lease renewals, vacancy leases and riders from the comfort of their home or office. Building owners or property managers who sign up will have the option to produce lease renewals online or have RSA produce the monthly package of lease renewals.

Through the LMS, owners and managers will have access to multiple leases and reports and will have the ability to modify any information prior to printing them. The following options are:
• Stabilized Lease Renewal
• Stabilized Vacancy Lease
• Non-Regulated Lease
• Lease Expiration Report
• Stabilized Lease Rider
• Other Lease Riders

Copies of all leases produced by an owner or manager will be retained in the “Lease History” section and all executed leases can be scanned and posted to the LMS for future access. Additionally, the improved LMS allows you to add new buildings or apartments to the service or change any existing information you have already submitted. There is also a full history log of all changes made under your account.

The LMS also automatically calculates rent increases on either legal or actual rent. The actual rent increase can either follow the New York City, Westchester County, Rockland County or Nassau County one or two-year rent guidelines or be any one or two-year percentage set for the particular building.

Furthermore, owners and managers can view all of your building and apartment information on the LMS, as well as view a building summary of all apartment leases that are expired and leases that are approaching expiration within six months.
All of these improved LMS features are available for one low monthly cost, whether you’re an RSA member or not! For RSA members, the cost is $0.25 per unit with a $3.00 building minimum per month. For non-RSA members, the cost is $0.35 per unit with a $4.00 building minimum per month.

Act today to take advantage of the all new, convenient and easy-to-use RSA Lease Management Service! Visit RSA’s Lease Management System or call (212) 214-9200 for more information and assistance. 

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