Despite much criticism from RSA and the entire rental housing industry, Mayor Bill de Blasio has signed into law the bill that will now require property owners to file bedbug infestation histories with the City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and either post histories in their buildings or distribute them to tenants upon signing a new lease or lease renewal.

The bill, which was enacted by the City Council at the end of April, was signed into law by the Mayor on May 10th and will go into effect 180 days from that date. The approximate date of the law officially going into effect is November 6, 2017.

Please keep in mind that as a result of RSA’s advocacy, the bill was amended to now give property owners the option of either posting bedbug histories in building common areas or providing them to all tenants individually when a new lease is signed or a lease is renewed. The original bill from Council Member Daniel Dromm did not give owners this option and would have required them to provide each tenant with bedbug histories, as well as information on the prevention, detection and removal of bedbug infestations. Additionally, HPD will now be required to post a building’s most recent bedbug history form on its website.

At this point, we do not know how HPD will implement the law. As a result, owners will not be required to do anything until HPD promulgates necessary forms and notices. RSA will remain in contact with HPD over the next few months in order to make sure owners are given enough time to receive the information they need to comply with this law before it goes into effect.

Once we have obtained all of the necessary information from HPD, we will be sure to provide that information to RSA members through the RSA Reporter, the RSA website and email blasts.