Many RSA members have benefited from our relationship with TransUnion and the SmartMove tenant screening platform, which is why we are proud to announce the expansion of this program to larger property owners and managers.
Earlier this year, RSA rolled out the SmartMove tenant screening platform with TransUnion, which allows RSA members to quickly access tenant applicant credit information without the tedium of being approved for authorization to access credit reports. With SmartMove, RSA members are no longer pulling credit reports, but are instead receiving them via a “credit push.” Through a credit push, an applicant themselves authorize the release of their credit profile through our TransUnion powered screening platform, resulting in a reliable and fast option for RSA members.

Although SmartMove became an immediate success for RSA members who own or manage less than 100 units, many of our members who own or manage more than 100 units inquired about a platform that could suit their credit screening needs. That is why RSA and TransUnion have officially launched Credit Retriever, a new platform specifically designed with the same reliability and speed as SmartMove, but also one that has the scalability to meet the increased needs of owners and managers with larger operations.

Credit Retriever is a great solution that delivers what property owners and managers of up to 100,000 units need and expect. Credit Retriever “pulls” a prospective tenant’s credit report on demand and delivers it instantly, either through your existing property management software or through a standalone access point. Additionally, just like SmartMove, the credit report also provides an eviction history report, criminal background check and a Resident Score designed specifically for decision makers in the rental housing industry.
Credit Retriever also offers additional unique features, such as protection against Identity Fraud and can also incorporate the functionality necessary to report rent payments to credit repositories. With its ResidentVision feature, sellers of properties can also prove the quality of their building’s tenants and make smarter pricing decisions when listing properties for sale. Credit Retriever’s resident analytics tools empower owners with the ability to forecast turnover, research competitor pricing and position vacancies for improved net operating income.

Pricing for Credit Retriever is customized for each RSA member based on their unique requirements and the volume of reports they require. RSA and TransUnion are both committed to delivering a price that simply cannot be beat. Regardless of how you currently analyze your prospective tenant applications, we strongly encourage members to make sure they are receiving a reliable credit report with accurate information supplied directly by the credit repositories before making any decision regarding a potential lease.
If you are interested in creating a Credit Retriever account, or would like to inquire about pricing, please contact Richard Hazel, RSA’s Director of Marketing and Sales, at (212) 214-9255 or

If you are interested in creating a new SmartMove account, simply CLICK HERE.