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RSA Launches “Facts vs. Myths” Ad Campaign During RGB Deliberations

Over the last four years, RSA has kept our focus on a major ad campaign to educate the public about the politics and hypocrisy of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

As the City Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) held public hearings throughout the boroughs leading up to the Final Vote on June 27th, RSA launched the latest theme of our print ad campaign, which focused on a four-part series known as “de Blasio Affordable Housing Myths.”

The concept of each ad focused on myths created by the de Blasio Administration to advance the Mayor’s political agenda, such as “Mayor Bill de Blasio is creating, preserving and protecting affordable housing for families who need it most.” Each ad then provides facts that reject these notions created by Mayor de Blasio, such as “What’s de Blasio doing for 172,000 households with annual incomes of less than $25,000? Not much. Only 5% of 40,000 affordable units under de Blasio went to tenants making less than $25,000.”

These ads were launched purposely during the public hearings held by the RGB as dozens of tenants and elected officials continued to call on the Board for a rent rollback. Mayor de Blasio has prioritized creating and preserving affordable housing, but after two straight years of rent freezes, it is obvious that tenants still cannot afford the rent because they are severely income-burdened.

Although Mayor de Blasio has shown his allegiance to the tenant community, these tenants have not realized that the Mayor and other pro-tenant elected officials have failed to endorse multiple proposals on the State level that could truly help low-income tenants. RSA’s latest print ad campaign was launched to educate not only elected officials of the Mayor’s hypocrisy, but to educate the tenants he claims to protect.

Some examples of publications where these ads could be seen include, but are not limited to: City & State, the Queens Tribune, Queens Chronicle, Queens Courier, Flushing Times, Bayside Times, the Brooklyn Eagle, Bay News, Greenpoint Gazette, Bronx Times and Bronx Times Reporter, The Villager and Chelsea News. To view these ads, click here.

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